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Improving processes in light of new organizational goals using best practices combined with solid knowledge of the preconditions for an optimal customer experience.

Are you still there? Of course the above is important, but I like to be a little more specific in what my added value is....

As remarkable as the company name suggests, Rimarcable focuses primarily on guiding teams in the project phase of new implementations in larger healthcare institutions.

The combination of internal organizational knowledge with thorough project skills ensures that everyone in the team can excel on their respective expertise. Setting out the main goals and defining intermediate steps ensures that tasks are broken up to manageable chunks.

Straight to the point with Dutch directness. Compromises are avoided in order to deliver a high quality result in the short and long term. To achieve this, it is necessary to go the extra mile now and then and I am happy to do so.

My goal in projects is - besides timely realizing the required deliverables - also to enable the team I work with to maintain and improve that end product.
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